Me And Kindle

22 Jul 2015 . . Comments

Me and Kindle

I bought a Amazon Kindle about three months ago. Since then, I have finished reading around 10 books in the device and used a couple of reference books in that. This is the first of a two-post series on that experience. This one is on a funny note, while the second will be a more serious evaluation of the device itself and reading experience on it.

The reactions to me holding the device at various times has ranged from utter disgust to genuine fascination. People invariably ask me this question. Can you not do anything else at all? You Spent 6k for a device that can only display alphabets strung together and occasionally separated by spaces? Is it really only for reading?

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I don’t really know why that blows people’s minds. In fact, people have almost demoted reading to a point where it is considered not a habit worthy of spending actual money over. Why don’t you read it in a Laptop? Or a Tablet? Right. Like it is the same. When I try to explain that Kindle really is a league apart from another such content consumption devices, people are always like

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Well, suit yourself.

Next comes the lemme take a look….

Look see

I initially did not have a passcode.. And that was a mistake. People would take a look. They would not know the controls, so they’ll decide to swipe the pages. SWIPE the pages without keeping a bookmark. And the horror when you accidentally read a page far ahead in the book from the position you have been reading and that happens to be a major spoiler….

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That’s not even the worst part. When you cannot recall where you were on the book and end up swiping frantically in the hopes of stumbling across it…. and they try to be helpful..


And there are these good souls that’d change your font, text-size and a zillion other options. And conclude that it’s not worth the price…

Thanks Obama

And there is this bad rap you get from people becuase you’re always studying. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Studying and Reading are different things. You Study to pass the exams. You read to live your life. Get it? Live. the. life.

Somehow this world has become a place where it is OK to check your smartphone every minute but it is a taboo to read a book, especially on a dedicated Electronic Device. But hey, to each their own.

So next time you borrow someone’s ebook reader,

  • Don’t Turn it on.
  • If you do, don’t turn the pages or change the settings.
  • If you have decided that you will spend few seconds of your sad little life turning those pages, be sure to get lost and never come back.

If you do come back, here is from all of us book lovers,


P.S. : Sorry about the Buzzfeed effect, but I had to do something to get past the writer’s block.